Stamina Warrior

Stamina Warrior

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Warriors in Chrono Tales typically have a decent amount of health, high physical defense, lower magical defense, and a high strength stat. They are perfect for beginners and can be very versatile in a monster or player environment if built properly. Typical builds include full stamina or full strength, while focusing on either more stamina to boost health and defense enhance for more defensive capabilities. Full strength builds are typically less tanky, as they lack the stamina your average warrior would have.

Stat pointsEdit

Warriors typically allocate all of their points into

  1. Stamina
  2. Strength

Stamina is the stat used to add more health and defense to your character, allowing for the warrior to gain much more health and defensive capabilities when focusing on a full stamina build. 

Strength is the stat used to add additional physical attack points; allocating additional strength points allows the warrior to gain more offensive capability, especially if the path chosen is full strength.

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