There is 2 Different Kind of VIP. 1 VIP is ingame VIP and the other one is GameDP VIP. VIP is gain by charging diamond in the game. The more diamond you charge the better benefit you recieve.

Ingame VIPEdit

The highest level of VIP is VIP 9. Here is the list of VIP level and it benefits. To check your current VIP level click Diamond shown below ingame

VIP 1Edit

VIP 2Edit

VIP 3Edit

VIP 4Edit

VIP 5Edit

VIP 6Edit

VIP 7Edit

VIP 8Edit

VIP 9Edit

GameDP VIPEdit

GameDP VIP allows you to purchase items from VIP mall for the point. These point accumulate with the amount of diamond you charge ingame. 

To check your current GameDP VIP go to the payment section on CT HomePage.

Click on the Support > VIP Center

What is VIP MembershipEdit

VIP Level


Growth Points


Non-VIP members' purchases reach 500 USD



1-Star VIP members' purchases reach 1500 USD



2-Star VIP accounts' purchases reach 4000 USD



3-Star VIP accounts' purchases reach 8000 USD


1. The VIP Membership and Privileges cannot be transferred. The VIP Membership will become effective after the account has become a VIP, and apply only to the VIP account itself.
2. The purchase requirement is your accumulated purchase on
3. Once an account is upgraded to a 1-Star VIP account, the account will be eligible for 1-Star VIP Account privileges permanently.

● How to upgrade VIP MembershipEdit

⑴ Players can apply the VIP Membership when their Non-VIP accounts’ accumulated purchase on reaches 500 USD. Click on (Apply For VIP) to complete the 1-Star VIP application. Your application will be verified within 3working days, please contact VIP Live Support if you have any question about your VIP application.
⑵ 1-Star VIP account's accumulated purchase reach 1500 USD, and then the account be automatically upgraded to a 2-Star VIP account.
⑶ 2-Star VIP account's accumulated purchase reach 4000 USD, and then the account be automatically upgraded to a 3-Star VIP account.
⑷ 3-Star VIP account's accumulated purchase reach 8000 USD, and then the account be automatically upgraded to a 4-Star VIP account.

● About Growth PointsEdit

⑴ VIP Growth System consists of 4 stages, respectively VIP 1 to VIP 4, the specific growth stage depends on the growth points.
⑵ As long as you purchase GameDP Coins, you will get the corresponding growth points. You can login VIP Zone to check your growth points.
e.g. If an account purchased 100 USD on GameDP, the account will get 100 growth points.
⑶ The growth points will deduct naturally.
10% of your previous gained growth points will deduct naturally in the next month. 
e.g. One gained 100 growth points at Jan. 15th, 10 growth points (100 * 10%) will deduct at Feb. 28th.

-Source - GameDP VIP Info