Your bag is full? You need to throw away your items. But, recycling them would be a better idea!

How to Recycle in The Magic Box

1. Open the magic box.

2.Select an item or more to be recycled. You can either drag it or just right click the item.

3. Press the button recycle.

How to get valuable items

You cannot just recycle whenever you want. If you want special items, the only thing to add is-the soul stone.

I each item you will recycle, add one space for the soul stone to get a more valuable item.

These are the common things to get with an item(depend on the class) and a soul stone:

1. Big HP potion

2.Big MP potion

3.Fruit pie

4.Gold brick(2G)


6.small/medium potions, etc.

Rare recycled Items

1.Double XP card



4.Bijou, etc.

(Note that sometimes you won't get anything in the magic box)

There are lots of possibilities in getting rare items. But one thing is sure for me based on my experience in the magic box: The results are all randomized (except for the calculated class of an item added with a soul stone)

Even you add more soul stone, you will just waste it. One is enough.From my experience, I only use one soulstone to recycle itself. Things that come out are: Gold, gold brick, Big potions, 1 Bijou, fruit pie,energy crystal, and lower.

Expecting to get pets like rare Hibussac or Stag or Uncorn, etc, recycle High-graded items+one soul stone, there is a higher possibility to get one.