Quests are storylines or tasks you can complete in game with varities of great rewards such as gold, items, or exp. Generally, quests are mostly composed of killing a number of mobs/monsters, collecting materials, delivering items to NPCs, and the like. These quests are a series of activites or quests in which the previous quest is a prerequisite for the following quest. The start point of each quest is usually marked with an exclamation point on the mini map. Most players consider questing for faster leveling as it is a lot better than grinding. 

Main QuestEdit

After creating a character, you will start your adventure from the primary world, Fairy Town. Speak with Mystic Old Man to accept your first

Branch QuestEdit

After reaching level 14, your first branch quest can be accepted from Keeper's Family Scout Todd at Nantes Rainforest. Unlike main quests, branch quests don't need specific or prerequisite quests to begin with. Branch quests are just there to help you boost your exp..nm,.m,.m,.m.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,...m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.m,.

Daily QuestEdit

After reaching level 18, daily quests are now available. The daily quest consists of different types: Normal quests, Forge quests, Craft quests, and Special quests. It is located at the right side of your screen just below the mini map. After accepting some daily quests, you can check on the Quest Panel to see the quests you've accepted and as well as completed. The daily quests also depends on your level. As you level up, the daily quests you can take become more and more advanced.

Ladder QuestEdit

After reaching level 28, you can now start the ladder quest. It is located at the right side of your screen along with the daily quest icon. The ladder quest has five steps which will reward you an abundant amount of exp, money, and mall items. The higher the step is, the more difficult it will be but also, the more better rewards you can get. 

To begin the ladder quest, simply click "Start" and follow the tasks that are there. Once you begin the ladder quest, you can only end it when you complete at least the third step. The ladder quest also cools down after each step and you will have to wait for some time before taking the next step. 

Each step of the ladder quests consists of several subquests and you will be rewarded with exp and money. In addition, you will also get a premium item from the mall.

Ladder Step                       

1st step

2,500 exp, 10 silver, and Fruit Pie (3)

2nd step             
25,000 exp, 20 silver, Fruit Pie (5), Rebirth Scroll (1), and Double Exp Card (1)
3rd step
62,500 exp, 50 silver, Flame Bomb (3), Fusion Bomb (1), Bijou (1), and Lucky Bag (2)
4th step
87,500 exp, 1 gold 49 silver 99 copper, Socketeer (1), Purple Stone (1), Rainbow Shard (1), Lucky Bag (3)
5th step
137,500 exp, 2 gold 99 silver 99 copper, Superior Bijou (1), Socketeer (1), Aptitude Stone (2), Lucky Bag (5), Level 1 gem (1)

Source: Chrono Tales