Chrono Tales offers it's players a crafting system based off of 3 primary professions:

  1. Alchemy: This profession focuses on the crafting of pots, this generally includes health and mana potions, double experience potions, as well as potions to increase your stat points. The higher you level your profession, the better the potion you will be able to craft.
  2. Blacksmithing: This profession focuses on the crafting of items, this includes weapons and armor as well as accessories for every 10 levels or so, it is the most common profession to choose due to the useful to newcoming players.
  3. Engineering: This profession is directed more or less toward monster summoning. It is the least popular of the 3 due to the useful-ness of the summoning tokens and the reward yielded from the monster summoned. However, the primary reason some players select this craft is because it allows you to craft courage badges from courage shards acquired through Survival Island once level 21+. If you gain enough shards and convert them into badges via engineering, you can earn more badges as opposed to other players because only players of this profession can do this. Once enough badges are obtained, you can trade them with the Survival Island Envoy for a special weapon that is much more powerful than most !