The player market can be accessed in game by clicking on the market icon at the bottom right corner of the user interface. You can also access the player market by pressing the hotkey "U", it should pull the market up no matter where you are in the game !

The player market in Chrono Tales also allows it's loyal consumers to place orders for items, but you will require at least 1 of the item you are looking to order. Once your order has been submitted, any player can choose to 'supply' you with the item and in turn you will automatically pay them the amount you were looking to pay for each item in units because once you place an order, the system takes the cost of the entire order as collateral until your order has been filled; this means to be wary of how much money you will have left to use once you place an order.

For example, if you are ordering 5 mithril at 5 silver each, and a player supplies you, the money will automatically be sent to that player via mail accessible through the many town's of Chrono Tales.

  1. The market can be used to purchase almost anything in Chrono Tales, from equipment to pets, to potions and even materials. If you're on the hunt for new items or new anything, the market is the place to be!