Mages typically have a very high intellect stat, high mana pool, low health, low hit, or otherwise accuracy and low physical defense. They can acquire high defense, but this requires an appropriate gear build to make up for the natural lack of defense that is mage. Typically players choose to focus on full intellect builds, and focus health and hit bonuses on their gear to make up for their inferior accuracy and health pool so they can survive longer. In a monster environment, mage's are highly superior, but, your character must be geared appropriately or you may find yourself dying rather often.

Stat pointsEdit

Mage's typically allocate all of their points into

  1. Intellect
  2. Stamina

This is normal for many Mage's in Chrono Tales as they don't reap many benefits from allocating points into the other stats, excluding adding in some additional stamina because they're simply not as useful as intellect to a Mage.

It's been said that the Luck stat also offers more hit than the agility stat, so it is possible that some may have chosen a high intellect, low luck build for this reason. This also works Similarily with the Priest class.

Mage's in Chrono Tales tend to have low defense, low health, and low 'hit' rate, or otherwise known as accuracy. This means that unless you're not already having trouble with 'hit' or 'miss' when attacking a player or monster, it's very possible that you may encounter difficulty in this area during your later levels.

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