Hibussac in Mounted State

The Hibussac with divine power, all-round pet. 100% movement speed -Description of Hibussac

Hibussac is the most popular pet but rare and different from other pets of Chrono Tales. unlike the 3 starter pets( Unicorn, Hellhound, Stag) and other pet that can be bought at mall (Ninian, Dragons, Iron Bull, Flame Steed, etc). Hibussac cannot be purchase from both pet shop and Mall.


Starter/level 1 hibussac is a green colored skin with brownish. Hibussac has 4 legs and it has a same appearance to a mythological creature, Centaur(half horse, half Human) it has 2 arms carrying a dagger to its left hand. it has a 2 large horn and during mount state, the player's body ride to Hibussac's shoulder. once it reach at level 10 and promoted, the Hibussac appearance will be different from previously and obtain armor

Location Edit

Hibussac cannot be purchase in Mall and Pet shop. however, Hibussac can be obtain by trading from other players, selling Hibussac via Market, or it can obtain also during Events(Monster Invasion). the fastest chance to obtain Hibussac is to try recycling items in Magic Box, however it is also the lowest chance to get Hibussac.