Craft profession is one feature that makes the game more exciting. There are three craft profession skills in game: Blacksmith, Pharmacist, and Engineer.


Blacksmiths are specialized in crafting weapons, armors, and accessories. The higher the crafting rank is, the better equipment he/she is able to craft.


Pharmacists are specialized in compounding medicines and potions such as healing or mana potions (HP/MP), as well as buff potions that improve one's attributes. 


Engineers are specialized in making pet gears and summon tokens. Summon tokens appear to be like ticket slips but are actually seals which enables the character or player to summon certain monsters, specifically bosses. Furthermore, this is a fun profession because it allows the player to craft courage badge shards which can be converted to a courage badge which is lost in other professions. Courage badges can be exchanged to better equipment from the envoy NPC. 


There are four stages or ranks in every profession: Primary, Junior, Senior, and Master. In every profession, the player starts being a Primary crafter depending on his/her choice of profession skill. The higher your profession rank is, the higher points you will need to be promoted to a higher rank. In the primary stage, the player will need to have 500 points in order to become a Junior crafter. To become a Senior crafter, 500 points are needed and 1,500 points needed to become a Master crafter.

Materials for crafting can be obtained by collecting raw materials or from the drops of monsters.

However, these profession skills are not based to boost the crafter's stats only. It mainly depends on the player what he/she wants to master in crafting or something that he/she can use for him/herself.